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August 5, 2004 by CS Guy
You may think of me as a piggish man for this, but I just find this story special...
July 31, 2004 by CS Guy
Lately here in Colorado we've been having some scetchy weather. We've been in a drought for 11 years, and we are supposed to get over 300 sunny days a year, but the last three weeks we've had cloudy and rainy weather. This is a good thing, since like I said we've been in a drought. But it can put a dampener on some weekend activities.

Well, this morning when I opened my garage I was greeting by a beautifully sunny blue sky and a fair temperature (around 70 degrees F). It felt like a rebir...
July 29, 2004 by CS Guy
I was listening to my Franz Ferdinand CD on the way to work this morning and it struck me how much I like their music. The vocals are kind of raw in some places and amazingly gentle and warm in others. Their lyrics are simple and repetitive, but they either have an awesome sound engineer or they play their instruments like geniuses. And while their lyrics may be simple, there are some lines that just hit me between the eyes.

I really like the last line of this segment from the song “Matine...
July 27, 2004 by CS Guy
Piece Brosnan is hanging up his Walther PPK and Aston Martin. According to Brosnan, “Bond is another lifetime behind me.” The next Bond flick is scheduled to be released November 18, 2005, but it seems someone other than Pierce will be in the lead. Who will be the new man to personify the Bond legend?

Well, here are some of the choices being batted around.

Clive Owen
Clive is my choice. I haven’t seen King Arthur, so I do not know how he did there, but his short appearance in the Bour...
July 26, 2004 by CS Guy
I grew up with comic books, thanks to my older brothers, but the Four were never one of my favorite titles. I did read them for a couple years during one of the John Byrne eras, and his work instilled a deep respect for the characters despite my ambivalence towards the book in general.

So I’m not quite sure what to think about the in-production Fantastic Four movie. There have been some very good comic movies (Superman, Batman, Spiderman, X-Men) and some very not-so-good comic movies (Batma...
July 24, 2004 by CS Guy
So I just got back from seeing Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle, and let me tell you that movie is freakin' hilarious!

I recomend seeing it. In a big room with lots of people. Lots of drunk people if you can manage that. Don't watch this one at home huddled alone on your couch on a Tuesday evening. Get out an experience it with some gregarious strangers. Or any strangers. It will be a bonding experience.I freakin' hate that this town doesn't have a White Castle or Krystal's. What ki...
July 22, 2004 by CS Guy
Continental Features, a Sunday-comics consortium, has decided to drop “Doonesbury” after a poll of the 38 papers that run the Continental-produced Sunday comics section. 21 papers voted to drop it, 15 to keep it, and 2 had no opinion.

Van Wilkerson, President of Continental Features, said that Garry Trudeau’s comic “created more controversy than other strips.” And stated, “I have fielded numerous complaints about ‘Doonesbury’ in the past and feel it is time to drop this feature and add anot...
July 20, 2004 by CS Guy
I'm not much into musical theater, but this has got to be freaking cool!